Anastasia Rose can be hired as a solo musician or duo collective with Peter Hirschhorn of www.PeterHMusic.com.

Solo music = $150/hour (anywhere in Colorado; rate begins at the time music starts)

Duo music = $225/hour (anywhere in Colorado; rate begins at the time music starts)

Hire Anastasia Rose for your Wedding!

Make your wedding unforgettable by hiring a live musician.

Anastasia Rose is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in classical, pop, and folk/acoustic genres. She frequently performs throughout the state of Colorado playing one (often more) of the following instruments and singing: piano, guitar, ukulele, accordion, keyboard/synthesizer, various percussion, and autoharp.  

Anastasia began her formal music career as a child when she began classical piano lessons at the age of 8. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music specializing in composition and performance where she studied under Dr. Richard Shuster. Anastasia went on to complete her Master of Music degree specializing in Neurologic Music Therapy where she studied piano under Dr. Janet Landreth. This is to say that by hiring Anastasia, you are sure to be provided with the breadth and depth of musical prowess that will make your big day run smoothly and professionally. 

As a board-certified music therapist, Anastasia is familiar and well-equipped to work with people of all ages, personalities, walks of life, and music preferences. She understands that if you are hiring a musician, you are looking for a unique experience that you wouldn't otherwise get simply from a recorded song. Anastasia will work with you directly to determine the genre of music, preferred instrumentation, and set list. She will provide popular options for ceremony as well as reception music, but she will perform whatever music you desire.  

In addition to you having entire control of the music selection (or requesting that she do the legwork to create the set list -- your choice!), Anastasia also offers custom songs/compositions which are written specifically for you, your loved one, your family, and more. This does carry with it an additional fee, but what better way to say "I love you" than through a song specially written for your wedding? 

Anastasia cannot wait to discuss your musical dreams and help make them come true!

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