You can't connect
I'm not sure if you know why
Or if you push others away
So you're alone in your demise
Are you hurt?
Or do you live to cause pain
'Cause your own life is in vain?
It's a long, long winding road
To your recovery

My faith in you has been restored
Then you turn and burn
Those closest to you
It's all just a back and forth
Hearts aren't made of steel
So why must you make a deal
With someone who couldn't care
Less about you?

Maybe there's more to you
More to your story
Than meets the eye
Maybe my vision is tainted
But so is yours
So let's start over again

It's been a crazy journey
We've both grown so much
I hope we keep in this direction
'Cause who are we to judge?
Life's too short
So love, laugh, and be free
Be the change you want to see
In this world